Last Call at Coconuts

Last Call at Coconuts850

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A robbery, scandalous betrayal, and a jaw-dropping dying wish change everything. What’s this about roadkill…and pie? Coconuts is for sale too?

Turning forty is mayhem.

 Alex, a Type A marketer with a touch of OCD, spirals downward as her not-so-perfect world crumbles. While deciding whether to continue in a job she’s beginning to despise, she overhears two terrifying words: “Officers down” and sets out on a mission to see if her cop boyfriend was wounded—or worse. After a terrifying bank incident, she’s driven to the brink. What’s worse, she knows the man who truly loved her got away, but Alex isn’t the pity-party type at forty—especially at forty.

Two wealthy Van Buren socialites attempt life in the country after a meteoric fall from grace. Far from the razzle dazzle of city life and designer clothing, will the mother-daughter duo embrace small-town living or return to jet setting? Are wine in the woods, skinny dipping, and county fairs enough to entice the New Yorkers to stay? And pie? What’s this about pie?

Suzy adjusts to life with twins while attempting to maintain her floundering wedding planning business. When someone from her past knocks on the door, Suzy’s husband goes to Hollywood in a frantic search for his teen daughter. She soon learns sleep deprivation and frown lines are the least of her worries.

High school counselor Hope loves her new role as wife and stepmom and doesn’t even care that the pounds she lost pre-wedding have returned. It appears her hopeless life is finally hopeful, especially after an inspiring surprise at Hilltop High.

Personal crises aside, the four best friends are horrified when Coconuts, their favorite island-themed oasis, morphs into a sports bar and goes on the market to the highest bidder. Will they be able to save their iconic Happy Hour refuge—and keeper of their innermost secrets—or will the new, sexy owner prevail?

Expect shocking twists, combined with plenty of humor and heart, in the dramatic conclusion of the Coconuts series.

NOTE: Even though this is the final book in the Coconuts series, it may be read as a standalone.