What Do You Want to Be?

FWhat Do You Want to Beor ages 3-9.  WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE? is a timeless children’s picture book that encourages children to consider their future hopes and dreams. As students enter the classroom on the first day of school, the teacher, Mrs. McGee, poses an important question: What Do You Want To Be? Students excitedly (and sometimes shyly) shout out their career aspirations from dancer to fireman to astronaut. Many other delightful occupations are mentioned in verse. At the end of the day, Mrs. McGee emphasizes why learning is so important.

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“…This book is truly one of the finest childrens’ books we own. What a treat it is to read at bedtime or anytime…” ~ Paul L.

“This is the best book I have seen to begin a discussion regarding missions and goals. Excellent! Must have!”~ Maryann Wakefield

“This is a great book for young children. My six-year old granddaughter loves it. We read it over and over. It lets children know that they have the potential to realize their dreams.”~Shirley McCann

“…[My daughter] had so much excitement for the book that my 8 year old son read it the next morning at the breakfast table before school. He also enjoyed it. AND, if that’s not enough praise for this wonderful children’s book, my housemate (a future elementary school teacher) read it. She loved it too…”~S.J. McMillan

“With the use of the book, it makes learning about job/occupations fun. (I plan to use it when I baby sit.) Ms. Carter did an excellent job of giving each character in the book a specific personality…I love her subtle use of rhyme.”~Linda Joyce

“As your child reads, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE?, who will they identify with? How many times will they change their choices and how many different ones will they come up with on their own?…”~Janet K. Gallagher