Brides at Coconuts

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Still a virgin at nearly 40, Hope can’t believe a man is interested in her, as in really interested. As nervous as her students before prom, she timidly navigates the choppy dating waters like an awkward teen. Smitten by the guy who seems determined to win her heart, will she allow him to break down her barriers after he drops a colossal bombshell?

Socialite Cheri Van Buren came clean—sort of—to a sweet cowboy who stole her heart. But she never had the chance to tell him about her pedigreed, high-society life before it was publicized internationally. Meanwhile, a food critic and arrogant chef attempt to destroy her catering business.

After an astonishing, almost-televised birth, Suzy juggles twins and exhaustion, while her beloved wedding planning business appears to be going up in tulle. Her distracted husband regrets allowing his daughter to move to Hollywood while Suzy welcomes newborns.

Bank marketer Alex is demoted and the one man who she always thought would be there for her appears to be going, going, gone. To complicate her convoluted relationship, her cop boyfriend gets an unlikely partner.

When one of the best friends receives a rushed engagement—after the surprise—the women rally to provide a quick wedding. But the inclement weather has other ideas. Will the winter wonderland ceremony take place or is a wedding sleepover their best bet?

As always, Coconuts, their beloved island-themed bar, is the only constant in the frenzied best friends’ lives. Or is it?