Join Beth’s Book Babes!

I have a reader group called Beth’s Book Babes on Facebook. We have our own private page, an awesome logo, and are several hundred members strong. We have great fun, and I always give Babes the scoop about my books, ask for their input, and often have contests and giveaways. Babes share my information on social media with their friends and receive free perks and recognition.

It’s easy to join. Simply type Beth’s Book Babes in the search bar on Facebook or reach out to me via my contact page on this website. There are a few guidelines, and remember, there is no cost to you whatsoever. This isn’t some weird scam. It’s a group to bring authors and readers together. All you have to do is:

  1. Enjoy reading
  2. Like the genres of women’s fiction, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, non-fiction, and children’s picture books
  3. Be willing to share my news online
  4. Post honest reviews
  5. Enjoy contests and giveaways

A few guidelines:

• This a PRIVATE Facebook page just for my reader group and me. If you are interested, please fill out the short form at the bottom so I can email you and give you the link or simply find me on FB and request membership. Feel free to invite your friends who are avid readers!

• Members often help spread the word about my novels, new releases, sales, and more. Additionally, there will be occasion to help promote my children’s picture books and new cookbook.

• It’s always helpful if you’re social media savvy. By that I do not mean a tech whiz (unless you are one and want to teach me!) You should have a social media presence because this is how we’ll communicate, plus several members live in other states or countries. Therefore, an online presence is essential. Many are on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, BookBub, Pinterest, and/or have a blog where you can share information. You do not have to be on all of these sites. Just one or two will do the trick so we can share information.

• Beth’s Book Babes receive SNEAK PEEKS of my novels, hear about my crazy writing process, participate in fun contests, receive swag, eBooks for upcoming drawings, cover reveals, excerpts, and more. In other words, Babes get the scoop first!

• Members are eligible for cool SWAG such as  bookmarks, pens, totes, lip balm, journals, signed books, or whatever I buy in order to promote my work. Throughout the year, I have drawings and contests for awesome SWAG for active members.

• You’ll always be invited to my online launch parties and author hops.

If you are interested in being a member of Beth’s Book Babes (who doesn’t want to be a Babe?!) please complete the form below. Please check all boxes to indicate your social media presence.

If you choose to join, THANK YOU.
 Happy reading!