The Missing Key

The Missing KeyFor ages 3-9. Mother has lost her special key and turns the house upside down looking for it. When Amy hears her mother chanting, “Me oh my. My oh me,” and sees her despair, she joins Mother in search of the mysterious key. Amy and Mother look under shoes and inside the flue, beneath the teddy bear and in a bowl of pears. Where oh where could it be? Finally, Amy finds it in an unusual place-somewhere it should not be. She fears Mother will be upset. Worse yet, will they miss the fair? THE MISSING KEY is a charming tale of how children and adults alike misplace belongings and how kids make simple mistakes, yet are forgiven by their parents. For ages 3-7.

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This little girl, Avery, has at least two of my books!

This little girl, Avery, has at least two of my books!


Help Amy and her mother solve the mystery of where the key is hiding. Such a fun story for kids!” ~ Sharon Davis

“The missing key was a fantastic book. My two girls enjoyed reading it again and again! Well written and illustrated. The missing key is their new favorite book!! I would recommend it to anyone!”  ~ Paul L.